I'm Looking For People Who Have Something The World HAS To See

You're Talented, Right?

A true creative; AMAZING at what you do. 


You’ve got something the whole world needs to see.


And You’re Courageous...

You’ve got passion, self-belief, and dedication.

You’ve got your mission, and you will make it work at all costs.

Most importantly, you’re brave enough to accept you need some help.

But You're REALLY Busy

Deadlines loom.

Building a personal brand using smart strategies sounds like something you definitely don’t have time for.


Every time you’re about to hit that bright blue POST button, you can’t stop that sickly shiver that starts in your belly and crawls through your body making you sweat


As if by instinct, you delete your post and put the job off for another day.

"These words COME FROM My heart, so why does it not feel like me?"

You know you need an online presence, but it doesn’t feel authentic


Maybe You're Worried?

You know building a brand is important, but you're lost with where to start.
You worry about the upkeep. 


                     Everyone else is doing it.

You’ve tried social media and personal brand training before and hated it.

Or you LOVED it and felt SUPER EXCITED, got home, tucked the notebook away and forgot everything. 

You signed up to the mailing lists. You've got 1000's of unread emails and you're still no further forward.

Most of All, You're Determined:


You’ve come this far. 

And there’s no way you’re going back.

You know you need a plan, and that’s why you’re here.


You’ve taken the first step, let's do the next one together.


2019-06-28 08.34.20.jpg

I've Got Five Minutes Spare.

Let's Do This!

What  Will I Do To Help You?

1) Get Paid More For Doing The Same Thing

I will make you a tailor-made plan to raise your profile and position you as an expert. 


Why? Because this is the quickest and easiest way to allow you to charge more for what you do.

And to get more enquiries, and more sales, you need visibility.

2) Sell More

We will reach the audience you’ve always wanted to, and we will put your work in front of people you never thought of.

3) Stay True To Yourself

Putting yourself out there is SCARY.


Let's find what makes you special and tailor your personal brand around these values.


You care about your image face-to-face, so it's no different online.

You have the power to create.


 Let me help you. 


It's a competitive world - whether we like it or not, it’s not enough to be creative...


We’re creative entrepreneurs. 


If that makes you feel uncomfortable we need to talk.

 Let's Do This.

Green Typewriter

What Might Your Path To Success Look Like?

Personal Branding Training


Social Media Management

But there's no one-size-fits-all approach here.


You're... you! You've got your own goals, mission, and values.


The best thing you can do, right now, is tell me a little bit about yourself so we can get started.



I've Got Five Minutes Free Now, and I want To Get Started.





Why Do You Need To Apply?

I’d LOVE to help hundreds of people just like you, but then I wouldn’t have the time I need to give you the attention and support you deserve


That's why I only help people that share my vision and values, ethics and social purpose are strong on the agenda!

To Work With Me, You NEED:

Inspiration - Courage - Creativity - Curiosity - Zest


If I think your project is something I'm passionate about, we’ll book in your consultation so we can focus on your goals


It’s that easy.

That Sounds Like Me!

Nurture Your Zest - Ashleigh King Servic

Why Work With Me?

Ashleigh King.png

I'm Passionate About You...

Tell me about you.


I want to know what you like, what you don’t like, what your dreams are, what you’re worried about and what your mission and values are.


Creatives, like you, can be too close to your own work to appreciate what makes you special.


And I’m naturally curious, so I’m an expert at that.


If our values and mission align, I’ll be your biggest fan.


That’s why it’s so important you spend a few minutes to tell me a bit about yourself.


If it's not the right match, I'll be open about that.

My Network Becomes Your Network

Academics. Artists. Dancers. Hula Hoopers. Stiltwalkers. 

The North East of England has a huge ecosystem of startups. 


I’ve described it before as a hub of electricity. Everyone is interconnected and gets energy from each other.


I have a vast network full of influential people that I won’t hesitate to put you or your work in front of…


… at the drop of a hat.


No ifs. No buts. No hesitation.


If we're taking this journey together it’s because I believe in you and your mission.


Because, like I said earlier: I only work with people that inspire me. Once we build that relationship, I am personally invested in your work and will promote it with zest as if it’s my own.

I’m studying an MBA 
at Newcastle University

This means that I’m not just another coach.

I’m studying marketing and business at an extremely high level and will pass on what I know to you in order to help your business excel.

Let's get you the exposure your talent deserves.
Tell me a bit about yourself and let's get started.

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