Sometimes you've got something that needs showing off.


And we mean, really showing off.


If the occasion calls for it, we will plan a unique event that will leave your guests with an experience that sticks with them long after it's over.






We'll organise, promote and run your event for you.


Meaning you've more time to concentrate on your work.


Together, we'll decide exactly what you want to achieve with your event and we'll tailor-make everything to serve that purpose.


Attracting new clients? We can do that.

Sell some products? No problem.

Celebrating an event? Let's go for it.

Be A Guest At Your Own Party. Let Us Get To Work

Past Events

Newcastle University 

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia we worked with Newcastle University to create a special afternoon which celebrated Malaysian culture. 

We curated a unique experience working with students from the Newcastle University Malaysian Society and local performers:

OG Combat Academy

Edmund Ng's Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Lion And Dragon Club
Kayu Gangsa 

Harambee Pasadia Afrofusion Festival

This incredible festival created by Dr Hannabiell Sanders and Yilis Suriel, both talented artists and musicians brings together performers from across the globe to celebrate the food, culture, music and performance of the African diaspora. 

We assisted in running community arts workshops to build decorative items for the event. This event is grassroots, so everything is built from scratch!

We also helped with social media content curation and live on-site event and social media management during the event.

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